Our Savior Lutheran Church was formally incorporated in 1961. Its story truly begins, however, more than twenty years earlier with one man's desire to provide God's Word and Sacraments for his local community. That man, Mr. Henry J. Opgenorth, personally supplied all the funds necessary to buy and remodel a small barn into a church.

Our Savior MovingOriginally founded as Trinity English Lutheran Church in Gardner Massachusetts, the fledgeling church struggled to succeed until 1957 when it sadly closed its doors. But Mr. Opgenorth's vision did not die, a few short years later in 1959 a remnant of faithful members re-organized as Our Savior Lutheran Mission. In 1961 they officially became known as Our Savior Lutheran Church.

On October 30th of that same year, the small barn became a church yet again, only now it found a new home in Westminster. The small building was loaded onto giant dollies and carefully moved the six miles to its new and permanent location.

Our Savior in the AutumnFrom those humble beginnings Our Savior Lutheran Church has grown into a vibrant and confessional congregation gathered around God's true Word and gracious Sacraments. You can still be nourished by God's love in that very https://pharmacie-hommes.fr same barn-now-church, and you can still experience the welcoming community that Mr. Opgenorth envisioned over seventy years ago.